I have made a few projects while at CodeClan, and continue to mess around for fun and try and learn new things by building wee apps and websites.

Please scroll down for a few examples of these experiments and games.


A simple API driven game of Hangman, I built an API from a list of several decades worth of film titles, or you can make your own test another player…

Try and keep the purely CSS animated guy from being hung.

try it here

Space Is The Place

An Android app of a super simple wireframe style shooter built using Java and Android Studio.

Dodge the asteroids, shoot the asteroids, get the points, stay alive!


While learning about APIs I used Spotify’s to create an web app that could search and artist, select a song from an album and then play a quick snippet of the song to a lively animated cassette.

React – Rails Social Media Site

Using React and Ruby on Rails to create a simple image bookmarking website. Create a user profile and post links to images. Those posts are displayed alongside a users other images. Created for my final project at CodeClan